ASNT 2021


CM Diagnostics focuses on EMAT technology and coercimetry (non-destructive method on measurements of the magnetic characteristics of metal – coercive force) based on researches, original developments and over 30-years expertize experience of Ukrainian company Special Scientific Engineering.

CM Diagnostics offers complex solutions from expertize to customized industrial equipment and distributes manual gauges for non-destructive testing such as: Magnetic analyzer MA-05 for measurement of at least six parameters of hysteresis loop: coercivity, residual induction, magnetic conductivity, loop area and relaxation parameters;

Magnetic structurescope (coercimeter) MC-04-H for quality monitoring of new steelwork such as:

  • Sorting of steel grades
  • Assessment of mechanical properties of rolled steel
  • Annealing quality inspection
  • Quality conformance inspection for quenching and subsequent tempering
  • Check the depth and hardness of the hardened layers on the surface

 and evaluation of fatigue and residual life of metal;       

EMAT Thickness Gauge UT-04 EMA (Delta) for thickness measurements through air gap or paint & protective coating up to 3 mm, without couplant, which enables reduction of time and cost of inspection The newest model of sensor enable constant measurement of surfaces over 500 °C.