EMAT Thickness Gauge UT-04 EMA (Delta)

Thickness measurements of metals:

  • air gap up to 3 mm
  • no couplant
  • through paint & protective coating up to 3 mm
  • tested surface temperature range from -40°C to +650°C
  • error below 0.1 mm
  • range of measured thicknesses
  • from 1.0 to 400.0 mm (steel)
  • from 1.0 to 200.0 mm (aluminum)
  • high precision mode (0.01 mm)
  • measurements under water
  • measurements of corroded surfaces
  • measurements of curved surfaces
  • strictly 90° not requirred
  • A-scan mode
  • B-scan mode - thickness profile chart of the tested object
  • special transducers for:
    • pipes
    • hot surfaces

EMAT Thickness Gauge UT-04 EMA (Delta) enables reduction of time and cost by a several fold factors that is especially important for measurment in restricted zones such us nonoccupied area of nuclear power plant.

We decided to start section EMAT Frequently Asked Questions as about our gauges as common questions.

Our first Question (Q) and Answer (A):

Q: Do I have the ability to download the raw thickness measurement data to an excel file if necessary?

A: Yes, you can see and download a table where the first column is number of measurement, the second is distance from the beginning of measurements and the third column is a thickness.

B-scanner measurement data could be downloaded as a table for further processing.

           Your questions are welcome!