Magnetic analyzer

Magnetic analyzer MA-05 is developed by Ukrainian company Special Scientific Engineering and is applicable for measurement of at least six parameters of hysteresis loop: coercivity, residual induction, magnetic conductivity, loop area and relaxation parameters. These parameters are automatically converted into physical characteristics according to given equations.

Areas of operations:

● Metallurgy and metal working - steel product heat treatment quality assessment;

● High-pressure vessel, pipeline, spherical tank, storage tank, boiler;

● Steam turbine rotor, impeller, blades, bolts;

● Hydrogen furnace, cracking furnace tube;

● Nuclear reactors, pipelines and other facilities;

● Weld stress and strain state and fatigue creep assessment.

Measurements are performed directly on operated equipment, without grinding and without contact liquid at temperature of the metal from -40 up to 600 degrees C, coating up to 6 mm, spot-wise or continuously, manually or automatically, nonstop or in sleep threshold mode.


Range of excitation current

±2,5 А

Range of measured induction values

±1,5 Т

Range of measured coercivity


Maximum error of measurements


Number of digital control outputs


Number of digital control inputs


Interface computer connection


Number of commands in command language


Consumed power

220V ±10%


3,5 kg





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