EMAT Thickness Gauge

EMAT Thickness Gauge UT-04 EMA (Delta)



Thickness measurements of metals:

  • air gap up to 3 mm
  • no couplant
  • through paint&protective coating up to 3 mm
  • tested surface temperature range from -40°C to +650°C
  • error below 0.1 mm
  • range of measured thicknesses
  • from 1.0 to 400.0 mm (steel)
  • from 1.0 to 200.0 mm (aluminum)
  • high precision mode (0.01 mm)
  • measurements under water
  • measurements of corroded surfaces
  • measurements of curved surfaces
  • strictly 90° not requirred
  • A-scan mode
  • B-scan mode - thickness profile chart of the tested object
  • special transducers for:
    • pipes
    • hot surfaces


EMAT Thickness Gauge UT-04 EMA (Delta) enables reduction of time and cost by a several fold factors that is especially important for measurment in restricted zones such us nonoccupied area of nuclear power plant.


coating 2.35 mm


corroded surface + high T° surface


transducer for high T° surface


high precision mode: variation in 0.01 mm


transducers for pipes


curved painted cast iron surface + air gap


notch is detected


rolling transducer for B-scan mode - thickness profle chart