NEW  First national  Standard on MAGNETIC COERCIMETRIC METHOD is implemented in 2020 in Russia. See the English version of the text here Technical Diagnostics STEELWORK DIAGNOSTICS MAGNETIC COERCIMETRIC METHOD

The failure caused by microscopic damage such as material fatigue, creep and residual stress is the most common failure mode of engineering materials and components, up to 80% of the total failure of the whole engineering materials and components. Therefore, an objective assessment of state of the metal must be formed from the data on stress-strain (fatigue) condition and its defectiveness. Modern Nondestructive Evaluation is based primarily on information obtained in the process of defect detection operation, because in practice of mass-production nondestructive inspection there is no apparatuses and methods for assessing fatigue. Today coercimetry, which has a method and apparatus, allows to identify and assess qualitative and quantitative changes in the stress-strain and fatigue condition in a fast, easy and cheap way. This ensures completeness of the raw data of Nondestructive Evaluation.